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About Me

Hi and thank you for visiting my site.

I am Jamie Dennis a Senior Product Manager and I have been working in digital product for over 7 years – officially. I say officially as my passion for product started back in 2010 when working in football, even before I knew agile existed. Fast forward 14 years and I am very fortunate to have worked across wide ranging and diverse industries. My approach to product comes from a slightly different lens given my unique background, you can find out more about my history within the Experience & Tools’ page. Below you can find more insight into how I work via the ‘Key Projects’, ‘Testimonials’ and ‘Methods’ sections.

Outside of work, I have recently had my second child and am the proud father of the 2 most rounded children you could meet, oh I am from Luton, yes Luton. Sports are a hobby of mine with football being my main interest, in more recent years I have started to play squash, albeit not very well. Film and music are big passions of mine, I watch at least 3 films a week and I love discovering new music. Please get in touch for any product related needs you may have, I am more than to happy to help in anyway I can. Or if you do not enjoy reading watch this short AI generated video that was created from feedback about me…


Key Projects

Corey O'Beirne - Senior Software Engineer

I had the pleasure of working with Jamie when helping him secure a new Product role. Jamie is a fantastic professional who possesses a deep understanding of product. He is my go to guy when it comes to any questions or insights about the product space. Furthermore, the feedback from a client regarding Jamie’s presentation was one of the best I had received. They noted his ability to navigate complex challenges, identify innovative solutions, and drive successful product outcomes.

What sets Jamie apart is not just his skillset but also his outstanding interpersonal skills and the strong relationship we have built over time. Beyond our professional interactions, Jamie takes a genuine interest and care into my own progression professionally and how I am doing on a personal level. Jamie’s positive attitude, humility, and willingness to go above and beyond make him a true pleasure to collaborate with.

Jordan Clayton - Senior Consultant, Product
I worked with Jamie on a globally recognised events platform. I was always extremely impressed with his attention to detail, particularly when creating stories to capture work required. The stories were extremely well researched, planned & prioritised. On top of this Jamie was always more than happy to jump on a call to answer any questions the team may have. When making product decisions and structuring product development, Jamie would use analytics to form decisions or discuss approach.

Jamie understands and can explain extremely advanced technical concepts from a variety of different development areas in relation to the product architecture & process, as a result of this, development was well architectured, solving business requirements set by senior stakeholders. I constantly witnessed Jamie offering his assistance and completing tasks that fell outside of his role to help out the team.

I will definitely miss Jamie’s sense of humour, his natural ability to lighten the mood on stressful calls, but at the same time always ensure the call was productive to everyone that joined.

Jamie has my highest recommendation, I really enjoyed working with him, and extremely proud of the work we completed as a team.

I hope we get the chance to work together again in the near future.

Dave Beaumont - Co-Founder at DDA Software

I didn’t know we were missing ‘a Jamie’ until Jamie started. In Jamie, we have a very capable Product Manager who could really push Membership forward, who has the ability to bring a team together who had lost their way and can inject some much needed humour to a project which felt like it was becoming stale and serious. It was just what we needed. There are many things I like and respect about Jamie. He is very inclusive in his approach, will always seek the opinions of his colleagues and isn’t hierarchical. This means he earns the respect of both junior and more senior members of the team.

Sandra Quinteiro - Director of CX Operations

Jamie is a pleasure to work with, and demonstrates experience in integrating digital data into Product Management. He is quick to identify issues with processes and brings strategic common sense to his role. All work is always requested with a clear brief and with plenty of time to complete it well.

Rosie Butcher - Analytics Lead

Jamie has been a fantastic addition to the membership team and the wider digital product team. He has brought fresh energy and enthusiasm and introduced some clear processes to the membership crew and great ways of working, which has really benefited the product and the team. Jamie really cares about the product and his team, which is demonstrated by the care and passion he puts into his work and how happy the membership dev team all seem in general.

Kate Bromage - Head of Product Delivery

When I first worked with Jamie it was his first Product Owner role, but in my eyes he took to it like a duck to water. Jamie was always looking for creative ways to improve customer experience and consistently validated any assumptions / ideas by using where relevant quantitative and qualitative data. His use of data and objective way of looking at his own work made him a very effective Product Owner. Personally, I found Jamie approachable and honest, with a contagious passion for delivering world class experiences for TUI customers. I would not hesitate in working with Jamie  again or recommending him to any prospective employers.

Nadir Khan - Business Analyst / Product Owner

Jamie joined our team in 2020 and quickly became a key player. He has outstanding communication skills that encourage collaboration among stakeholders. He’s a hard worker and able to efficiently manage multiple initiatives at the same time. Within his first months he led several features that helped the company achieve key clients and that created positive outcomes on booking rates on two different products. Jamie has excellent product principles in order to make the right decisions. I would recommend Jamie to any employer that looks for a PM to make an impact on its business and customers.

Sergio Blanco - Senior Product Manager



  • Clear aligned goals to help form key metrics to measure success for new & core features
  • In-depth competitor research and analysis; highlighting potential quick wins
  • Inclusion of all stakeholders with interactive session
  • Playback of relevant data for session framing and stakeholder awareness



  • User journeys captured with relevant working group for full understanding of pain points
  • Regular playback sessions for updates and feedback loops
  • I like to include all disciplines of scrum so ensure user stories are written for not only development, but content, design and data to make team feel inclusive



  • Extensive documentation; full feature life-cycle, with information accessible and available to everyone
  • Sprint release notes with each discipline referenced for transparency and visibility for all of the business
  • Post meeting actions sent to show clear accountabilities
  • Core journeys with end to end data insights